Missoula Ravalli TMA (MR TMA) offers a number of free services to help employers set up commute programs for their staff. A commute program could involve a carpooling, vanpooling, ride matching and guaranteed ride home benefits, or any combination. MR TMA will help you determine who among your employees is interested in any of our commute programs by conducting an employee survey. Following the survey, a customized commute program will be developed for your business. Commute programs are easy to set up and provide tangible benefits to you as a business owner.
MR TMA can provide your business with marketing materials that include: brochures, pamphlets, and technical help tailored for your specific program.


For Employers

  • Reduced absenteeism, late arrivals and staff turnover
  • Vanpool routes can be set up to serve your employees exclusively to address COVID-19 concerns.
  • Reduced parking needs and costs
  • Tax benefits for employee subsidies
  • Expand your labor pool
  • Maximize your work space with telecommute or compressed work weeks
  • Public recognition as a good corporate citizen and employer